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What is Life Coaching?

In the same way as in sports, the Life Coach is the person who helps a person develop and reach his highest potential, to become the best he can be.

So the coach helps you to become the best you can be … but in this case, in life!


Life Coaching isn't the same as Counseling, nor Psychotherapy

While Life Coaching teaches you the skills to avoid or solve difficult situations in Life, it is not intended to 'heal' and certain conditions require the intervention of a mental health professional.

Hypnotherapy is a form of Therapy

It is true that the basic principles and some methods are the same, but Hypnotherapy is not the same as Stage Hypnosis.

While Stage Hypnosis is used for entertainment purposes, Hypnotherapy is intended to bring about change for the client.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes, as long as s/he wants to.

While everyone can enter in the “altered state” known as Hypnosis, because this is a natural state (that everyone goes into, often unintentionally … on a daily basis), yet there are some who obstruct this process themeslves by not following the Hypnotist’s simple instructions. Otherwise, everyone is hypnotizable.

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