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Here is how people I have worked with describe their experience.   Of course, different people have different needs, different expectations and different results, but most people find that our sessions bring clarity, peace and confidence in their lives, besides other things. Here is what some of them had to say.



Lisa Wenzke German
Malta Interntional Airport

From the first moment I really felt comfortable with you.   I really enjoyed our first conversation and I already felt a difference after it.   I realized what my problem is and now I know how to handle and make the best of it.   I really liked your positive attitude and still think about a lot of positive sentences you gave me. You helped me a lot to increase my self confidence and and that it's important not to forget believing in myself.

I really cannot thank you enough for your help.   It hd to be like that, that I met a positive person like you. And I am sure that I will come to have another session.

I really recommend you to everyone who is in a difficult situation or someone who just wants to find his/her way back to him-/herself. Thank you very much! :)  


sent via email

Doreen Vella
Business Owner

Dear Steve,   I can honestly say that our sessions together have helped me in my personal life as well as in my career   and I am still enjoying the benefits.   I found you easy to communicate with because you are obviously a people-person.

I was impressed how you took full responsibility, not only during our first one-to-one session but also in our follow-up sessions. You put in your time and showed full commitment. I sincerely believe you would be a tremendous asset for those who seek your service.  

posted on Facebook


Mary Jane Cutajar
Entrapreneurial Merchandiser

I must say, Angels are on Earth.   Glad I used your services. Immense help.

One gets healed and wiser.   I must say I won't miss another session.   You feel as light as a butterfly, as happy as a sweet song, and head held up high 'cause the only way is up.   Thank you, Angel.

posted on Facebook

Ruth Orvis – British
UK based EFT/TFT Practitioner

"If you need help to completely transform your life, behaviour and beliefs, then I highly recommend Steve Farrugia. Using his unique insight and knowledge, Steve will help you define exactly what you want and the steps you need to take to succeed. If you want to live your best life and be the best you - trust me, you need to contact Steve now!"  


Isabelle Baldacchino
Manufacturing ind. Supervisor

Dear Steve,   Thanks to you I can never forget that day. It was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. The person I was and the person I am today. I can never forget the way I stood up that day in court. From a shy, mouth-closed person, always staying at the back, I felt very confident, answered back and fought back for my rights.

In my mind I kept hearing your phrases and your voice that I can do it. That day my lawyer kept staring at me and when we were out of court he said "Woo, what happened to you? You were fabulous in there."

I CANNOT THANK ENOUGH FOR YOUR HELP. Looking back I see only heartackes, pain and mistakes. A depressed person depending on tranquillizers. Today because of you I walked away from all this, as you taught me the art of letting go, have pride, peace, joy and value myself. Today I can stand on my own feet, be heard and respected. Steve I am not exaggerating from our sessions I learnt all this.  

Isabelle's post on Facebook


Karen Sharrock – British
Household mum

Karen Sharrock : "Need to have you over for a session Steve, always feel much better" :-)
Steve Farrugia : "We shall programme one, Karen. Thanks for the vote of confidence! Very much appreciated."
Karen Sharrock : "Thanks to you and all you help me with "

Facebook message

Ivan Bartolo
Media Presenter, Author

    see English translation below

English text:

"It is not only from hearing him speak that you will gain success, but from actualizing the same principles that he holds true.   This is what counts most.   I am honoured that the Universe has found a way to introduce me to Steven as I feel that his positive frequency is stronger than that of electricity.   During every conversation I have had with him I felt like the athlete having run a long distance, like the dancer having danced, and the artist when he paints! I felt love, above all, because the guidance that he provided me, combined with what already lied in me, continued to create and transform the thought that I had into a reality!   And because I believe in the Creator, the Universe did its part to perfection and prepared the best path for me.   Nothing happens without consequence and my meeting with Steve served to fill me all the more with an enthusiasm for life.

"Steve helped to increase my inner strength, joy and vitality. Unfortunately, a lot of people who seek help would come to someone like Steven with many fears. A mind that is full of fear will not find room for dreams and manifestations.

"Steve's challenge is, in fact, to convince all those who come to him thinking predominantly about what they do not want, and then wonder why it is 'that' which they keep attractng into their lives.   This is Mankind's eternal problem. When you dwell on what you do not want, you will attract that which you do not want.   In life, everything is attainable. Nothing is difficult as long as you are clear about what you really want and apply full committment to achieving it.   I find this ability in Steve, who has himself lived this adventure and is nowadays sharing it with whoever comes to him for direction!"

Michelle Baldacchino

Michelle's private message via Facebook    

"I was recommended by a friend of mine to meet with Steve as I was passing through a very difficult moment and seemed like there was no hope for me to stand up again on my feet.  

"I was very sceptical at the beginning, but after few weeks I decided that had nothing to lose. Our sessions were more like a friendly chat, and I was comfortable to talk about all my problems and at the end of the session I always found myself feeling more calm and less stressful.   I still can't believe how my life changed drastically after just few days.

"Steve helped me to find the real person inside of me that has been hidden inside for years. By changing my thoughts, attitude and the way that I love myself, the whole world changed for me.   Now I am loved and respected from all my family and friends, I look at myself and am proud of who I am.   I recommend Steve as a very friendly person and professional in his work.   Thank you for all your help and support."  


Federica di Felice – Italian
Sales Executive

"(and) I wanted to thank you because today is a day where I can finally say that I feel well ... It doesn't matter how much you believe in Hypnotherapy, whether you believe or not ... it works.

"I live each day with my physical pains that automatically make me suffer even psychologically. I cannot say this is a cure, but I can say that it is the right way towards my living in serenity.

Federica's post on Facebook (in Italian)

Facebook message

Joseph Xerri
Business Executive

"Just wanted publicly to say thank you.   Thank you for always being there ... Thank you for giving me my life back ... In just one session you managed to get me out of the very dark pit I was in.   Your words helped me fight back to the surface.  

I never believed in hypnosis but now I can confirm that it truly works.   Moreover, it's not just the hypnosis, but the talks we had [that] made me look at the world around me differently and, more importantly, look at myself differently."

Joseph's post on Facebook

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